World's first end to end Open Architecture Cloud Native Warranty Management System

Warranty Management as Profit Center

Cloud Native End-to-End Warranty Management Platform

At XPCover, we have introduced and end-to-end warranty management system, AVANTE, for OEM, Consumer Goods Manufacturers, and home appliance manufacturers producing their goods anywhere in the world.

Warranty Management if done properly, will enable your sales team to go beyond their routine razzmatazz with the customers. 

Warranties are vital assurances for your customers, but when warranty management isn’t prioritized, your service operation costs will soar. Delayed communications, disparate systems, and manual tracking and reporting cause claims and costly payouts to pile up. Digital management can transform your warranty operations into a profit center, making mishandled claims, steep costs, low supplier recovery, and disgruntled customers a thing of the past.

In an increasingly competitive and higher customer expectations market, warranties provide that additional comfort to your customers which they have now started expecting it from brands.

By providing a well-meaning warranty with equally efficient digitally connected platform, you are not only driving additional revenue but also increasing the bottomline.   

A good warranty management has been proven to generate additional branding opportunities for you.

An extended warranty plan is available for brands who want to go beyond the call of duty to stand behind the quality of their products. While the assurance that your company stands behind the quality of its products is reassuring, an extended warranty sends the message that you stand behind your customers in addition.

A customer might see an accidental damage plan as a sign that the company understands them, or that you want to stand behind them even if the product stops functioning faster than expected. It's difficult to predict and protect against life's unpredictable and messy moments, and purchase of a product is evidence that companies want to empower the customers to live a simple life by using its product. If a customer does need to file a claim, their claim experience has to be as simple as purchasing the product itself.

AVANTE warranty management system is having open architecture which allows it to easily get integrated with multiple claims system of multiple insurance companies across the globe.

XPCover is an insurtech company working with insurance providers and companies across multiple industries 

The system can handle large scale deployments, both real-time fully cloud native QR Code printing for each SKU or hybrid environment with offline printers. We ensure that data is end to end fully secure and always available for printing in both online and offline modes of printing.

AVANTE warranty management system can handle millions of product lines, categories and sub categories with both granular and high level data views. The platform enables Service Technicians to scan the QR Codes, get hidden data and process the same in data reports with minimal efforts.

Multiple workflows are inbuilt to enhance customer onboarding experience, increase customer registrations, reduce warranty processing errors, identify frauds, minimise claim processing efforts, centralise data with hierarchy level data access and all of these are available as a Single API or Web app.

We are conducting POC with few insurance companies in Europe to ensure that claim payouts are instant based on the data generated by the platform. We have been able to showcase data sanity capabilities and data consistency for more than 98% scenarios.

If as a manufacturer or an insurance company you want to implement the same, you can reach out to us at hi@xpcover.com 


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