Insurance products for retail industry

Possibilities of Innovations for online marketplace is as limitless as the aisle itself.

Ecommerce marketplaces having any of the B2C, B2B, C2C models are losing out to huge potential of additional revenue and also huge NPS growth. Lets explore how XPCover is helping them achieve that.

Online Shopping 1.0
Vast amount of choices available when shopping online. Online shopping is a place where we go to find essential food products for survival during pandemic to non essential and luxury products such as perfumes and premium art for your room decor. All of us understand that whatever we are looking to buy we can find for sale online.

Online shopping 2.0
Today's online e-commerce has become an endless passage in the modern era. This lead to Amazon's strategy for becoming the A2Z store. Very soon we will have Online Shopping 3.0 coming around us wherein we will use AR/VR to try products and visualise them.

XP cover platform is a single API insurance platform that creates a win-win situation for both the e-commerce partner and customers.

As technologies evolve and the modern E-Commerce gets evolved, the expectation for modern E-Commerce goes beyond physical products and services such as product protection and insurance as well. In the modern world, consumers are not bound to just extended warranties, they need selection of best protection which is most applicable to them. It’s the online retailers duty to offer this personalised experience for their customers. This has made selection of protection products from single insurance partner a difficult situation as not all of the best insurance products are found with one insurance partner.

When a customer has finally bought their special iPhone 11 to increase their status and to maintain their dignity they need to be offered insurance at the time of their purchase. This is where XPCover single API based insurance platform comes into play. XP cover provides an accidental warranty to the customer who knows they are prone to dropping and cracking their precious new investment. 

Why Choose Us

Constant innovations and global architecture



XP cover Platform bundles endless selection of protection products ,multiple global carriers and also dynamically offers the most relevant plan at well optimised price . XP Cover Platform compiles this process through a single API integration.


Global scale

E-Commerce retailers face difficulties in this insurance policy selling when dealing across multiple underwriters in multiple destinations in multiple languages. XP cover simplifies the job across global countries by offering highly competitive pricing,best product will be served with an obsession to the customers.


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